• Cycling News

    • Ontario Needs More Cycling

      In late May, 2013, the Share the Road Coalition released polling data, which supports its campaigns to implement better cycling infrastructure and education in Ontario. While its press release targets the Toronto area where congestion has reached epic proportions, the information nevertheless highlights that many Ontario adults want better and safer cycling. The poll was conducted by Strategic Communications Inc. of Toronto with a representative sample of 1523 adult Ontario...

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    • Everyone, including cyclists, have a role to play in bike safety

      Cycling is great exercise and a viable means of transportation, but it can also be dangerous when vehicle traffic is part of the mix. It’s important for everyone to take an active role in bicycle safety. “We always tell motorists that they have metal around them, while cyclists are vulnerable, but cyclists should be good road-sharing partners as well,” says Teresa Di Felice, director of government and community relations for CAA South Central Ontario. “We want to mitigate...

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