Crowe River Cruising

Crowe River Cruising is a 49 km route that takes you to Church-Key Brewing at Pethericks Corners and over our lovely suspension bridge at Ferris Park.

Rice Lake Ramble

The Rice Lake Ramble is an 87 km route where you'll enjoy views of Rice Lake using wonderfully quiet roads.

Glorious Ganaraska

Relatively level 30 km route beginning in Port Hope.  This route safely crosses the 401 out and back and passes by the Sylvan Glen Conservation Area.

Shelter Valley Road

Shelter Valley Road is a 51 km route from Cobourg which begins hilly and then levels out.

Trent River Truckin

Trent River Truckin' is a 63 km route with opportunities to visit locks along the internationally-renowned Trent-Severn Waterway.  When heading south on Godolphin from Cty Road 35, watch for an packed-dirt, abandoned rail line.