Prince Edward County
Picton to Sandbanks Provincial Park

This cycling route will take you to Sandbanks Provincial Park from Picton town centre, but can also be connected to in Bloomfield. Sandbanks is a popular summer beach and camping destination.

The long white sandy beach and shallow waters are great for swimming and suntanning. The Dunes area is a fun location to explore by foot, also ideal for swimming and picnicing. Sandbanks Provincial Park offers excellent facilities, food and a convenience store. There are also numerous fresh fruit and vegetable stands enroute.

During the summer months, the Park and all roads leading to and from the beaches are very busy. This route has been selected to provide the cyclists with the least hazardous option. Ride safe and exercise caution.

Route Length: 40 km

Download PDF of this ride: Picton to Sandbanks

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