Greater Toronto Area

Scarborough, Ontario, located in the eastern part of the city of Toronto was almagamated with the city in 1998. The region is culturally diverse, with the vast majority of residents having arrived as immigrants in the last forty years.

One of Canada's largest and fastest growing cities, with a population of more than 595,000, Brampton's young and diverse multicultural mosaic represents more than 175 distinct ethnic backgrounds. As a result, Brampton has an amazing assortment of restaurants, boutiques, festivals, and more!

Toronto Downtown Explorer

Enjoy this route and tour about downtown Toronto, taking in many of the city's landmarks and neighbourhoods. Distance & Timing: 17km, 3 hour+ recommended and depends on number of stops.

Cycling in Toronto

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Toronto’s many neighbourhoods, its famous landmarks, waterfront and parks. It is home to tourist attractions such as the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario and major theatre productions. Still there are many quiet, natural places to enjoy.

Cheltenham Badlands

Usually used as a return to Mississauga this route leaving from East Caledon will cross the Credit River 5X and has very nice power hills along Grange Side Rd. one after the other. Caution should be taken when crossing Hwy#10. The short flat section enters a picturesque valley until McLaughlin Rd.