Brant County

Paved from Brantford to Richardson Road, then stone dust trail to Simcoe, Detour around closed rail bridges at Waterford.

The Waterford Heritage Trails starts the rail trail network in Norfolk County at the Brant County line. This section of the trail is part of the Trans-Canada Trail and takes you through beautiful tree-lined areas and farmers fields. The first town the rail trails go through is Waterford, where a current downtown regeneration project is creating a buzz and helping to revitalize the area with the development of a network of trails around the Heritage trail.

The Heritage Trail continues south towards Simcoe and connects there with the Norfolk Sunrise Trail. The Norfolk Sunrise Trail is the connector trail for all the rail trails in Norfolk County. From this trail, you can head west on the Delhi Rail Trail, which is also part of the Trans-Canada Trail. This trail takes you to the town of Delhi, which is famous for its roots in tobacco production.

The Norfolk Sunrise Trail also goes into the heart of Simcoe, the largest town centre in Norfolk County. If you are looking for anything at all on your journey, you are sure to find it here. This trail connects you to the Lynn Valley Trail, which will take you to Port Dover.

The Lynn Valley Trail is a gorgeous section of rail trail, that takes you through beautiful forests and grasslands; you often forget where you are on this part of the trail. Take the trail into Port Dover and check out the boardwalk, pier and beaches!