Huron, Perth, Waterloo & Wellington
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G2G Rail Trail Inc vision is to develop and maintain a continuous, safe and fully accessible G2G Rail Trail Experience that is 127 KM of linear, multi-use green space from the 401 corridor at Guelph, Ontario to the shores of Lake Huron at Goderich, Ontario.

Elora Cataract Trailway

The Elora Cataract Trailway is a 47 km linear greenland and section of the Trans Canada Trail system which follows an historic railway line joining two major watersheds, the Credit River and the Grand River.

Welcome to Northern Wellington. We invite you to Simply Explore the Rural Routes, Tastes and Treasures offered in the Town of Minto, Mapleton Township and the Township of Wellington North.

Easy 6 km trail of primarily stone dust from Palmerston to 7th Line in Minto.  It's a further 4 km road ride into the center of Harriston.

Goderich to Auburn Rail Trail

The 10.5 km G.A.R.T. on the abandoned Canadian Pacific Railway line, offers cyclists an accessible and safe off-road experience.  While on the trail, cyclists will enjoy wildlife, trees, wildflowers and views of the Maitland River as well as post-glacial kettle lakes.

The Goderich Triathlon Route is about 45km.

An easy 20.5 km loop including Zurich & Dashwood.

A short paved road ride beginning and ending on Josephine St. at the north end of Wingham. Total length is approximately 30.5 km.

An easy 42.5 km ride from and around Exeter.

A short paved road ride beginning and ending Queen St. in Blyth. Alternately, you can start and finish in Auburn. Total length is approximately 34 km.

A short paved road ride beginning and ending on Turnberry St. in Brussels. Total length is approximately 26 km.

An easy 16 km ride around Seaforth.

A scenic 24.5 km ride outside of Bayfield . Bicycling is mostly on tree lined country roads through scenic farmland. Bayfield Village is a busy port for small boats but looks pretty much as it did in the 1840's with its quaint main street.

A short paved road ride beginning and ending on the Square in Goderich. Total length is approximately 23 km.

A short paved road ride beginning and ending on Central Wellington St. Josephone St. at the north end of Wingham. Total length is approximately 30.5 km.

Starting in Fergus at the Sportsplex parking lot, through Elora, following the Grand River to the beautiful West Montrose covered bridge, and then through Maryhill. Middlebrook Rd (Elora to West Montrose) is the best cycling route in the area. Total Length 67KM.

Elmira to Kissing Bridge

Take a break at the last covered bridge in Ontario and enjoy some great views of the Grand River.  Also known as The Kissing Bridge, lovers have long used this spot to steal a kiss under the privacy of the covered bridge.

8 Villages in Woolwich

Enjoy a 50 km ride through picturesque Woolwich Township, with river crossings, river views and a covered bridge (at West Montrose). Villages include Bloomingdale, Conestogo,  St. Jacobs, Hawkesville, Elmira, West Montrose and Winterbourne.

General Store Tour

Cycle through the beautiful Mennonite countryside and rolling hills of Woolwich and Wellesley Townships.  Visit bakeries and old general stores of 5 rural villages (Hawkesville, Floradale, Yatton, Wallenstein and Elmira). 

Woolwich Mountain Run

Ride starts at Woolwich Memorial Centre (WMC) 24 Church St. S. Elmira N3B 1Y9. Free parking and washrooms are available. Start with a stout climb to the outskirts of North Woolwich.

St. Jacobs Country Tour

Enjoy the beautiful Mennonite countryside.  Begin your ride at the St. Jacobs Farmers' Market, then wind your way along back roads to the village of St. Jacobs.  Approximately half of this route includes hard packed gravel roads, the remaining roads are paved.

Woolwich Village Route

Enjoy the Mennonite countryside of Woolwich Township.  Explore the villages of West Montrose (and visit the last covered bridge in Ontario), Elmira, St. Jacobs, Winterbourne.

Millbank for Lunch

Enjoy the Mennonite countryside in Woolwich Township along the back roads between the St. Jacobs Farmers' Market and the village of Millbank.  This tour also passes through the villages of Kingwood, Wellesley, Poole, St. Clements, Heidelberg and Crosshill.

Mennonite Country Block

This is a casual paved route through the Mennonite Countryside. The route begins in the village of St. Jacobs.  En route you will see working Mennonite farms, parochial schools, the Conestogo River as well as many farms offering farm gate sales.

Elmira to Wellesley Loop

Enjoy riding through Mennonite/Amish farm country.  On route you can visit Elmira, Hawkesville, Wellesley (the half way point with plenty of restaurants) and St. Clements.

Bloomingdale to Elora

Follow quiet country roads with wonderful views of the Grand River.  Ride through the last covered bridge in Ontario at West Montrose.  Also known as the Kissing Bridge, lovers have long used this spot to steal a kiss under the privacy of the covered bridge.

Stratford Cycling Tour

It's a casual ride for the casual cyclist, and since it takes the form of several loops, there are several points at which you can decide whether to do the whole route or opt out at one of the central junctions.

Iron Horse Trail

Formerly a railway corridor, the Iron Horse Trail continues as a partnership trail between Waterloo and Kitchener. The trail links Waterloo Park to Victoria Park. Length: 5.5 km

The Hydrocut

The Hydrocut provides an unmatched mountain bike riding experience in Ontario. The 25 kms of uninterrupted, pure flowing singletrack paths were created and continue to be maintained entirely by the hard work of volunteers, year after year since the 1998.