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Big Creek Circle Cycling Tour

This trip can start and end in one of two towns; either Delhi or Port Rowan. If you start in Delhi, there are many places to park along Main Street and James Street. If you start in Port Rowan, Bay Street is probably the best for parking.

These directions start and end in Delhi, with Port Rowan at the halfway point.

Start by heading north on Highway 3/James Street, which will curve to the west and turn into King Street/Talbot Road/Highway 3. This is a main road so be cautious around traffic. Turn right onto Highway 59 just outside of Delhi and then take your next right onto Hawtrey Road which is a nice back road. Turn left onto Windham Road 20/Concession Road 1 and then turn left onto Research Station Road/Schaefer Side Road, named for the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs agriculture research station located on this road.

Follow Schaefer Side Road back across Highway 3 and continue until it bends to the west and turns into Concession Road 2. When you hit Rhineland Road turn left, and then take your next right onto Townline Road. Take your next left onto East Quarter Line and go through some gorgeous forests with deep ravines on either side of the road.

Turn right onto the 12th Concession Road and go through the small town of Langton. There is a small grocery store on the corner where you can stop if you need any supplies. Follow the 12th Concession all the way out to West Quarter Line and turn left. Follow West Quarter Line for about 7km and then turn right onto Concession Road 7/North Walsingham-South Walsingham Townline Road. Turn left at the next stop sign onto Norfolk County Road 23.

Although Norfolk County Road 23 is more of a main road, it is not traveled that often and so it is a great cruising road and relatively flat. Follow this road for about 8km down to the 1st Concession Road and turn left. Follow the 1st Concession up to West Quarter Line Road and turn right. At the next stop sign to continue following this road, you have to turn right and then take your next left down. Following this section of West Quarter Line, you’ll get your first view of Lake Erie!

Turn left onto Norfolk County Road 42, and you’ll see on your right, the Lee Brown Waterfowl Management Area. This 802 acre tract of marsh and agricultural land is owned and managed by the Long Point Region Conservation Area to enhance wetland habitat suitable for native waterfowl and other marsh species. Depending on the time of year and time of day, this area may be filled with birds!

As you follow Norfolk County Road 42, you’ll see beautiful marshland and as you head into Port Rowan, Lake Erie will begin to be more visible. On a clear day looking out over the bay, you can easily see Long Point and sometimes even Erie, Pennsylvania. As you head into Port Rowan, you’ll be about half way through your trip, making this an ideal pit stop. County Road 42 will turn into Front Road as you enter Port Rowan; you’ll go around a bend and see the new waterfront development park on your right. Continue around the bend and take your next right onto Wolven Street/Front Road.

This gorgeous section of Front Road follows the water for some time, so enjoy the view but be careful, this winding, hilly road can be quite busy at times. When you come into St Williams, you will come to a stop sign, turn left and then take your next right to continue on Front Road.

Continue on Front Road up to Charlotteville West Quarter Line and turn left. This section of road has a few neat features on it! Ride through an awesome tree tunnel between Vittoria Road and St John’s Road. Then on your left, you’ll see a hops farm. Hops are a climbing plant used to brew beer so you will see the hops growing up stakes and wires. Continue going up Charlotteville West Quarter Line until you come to Charlotteville Road 8 where you will turn right; but before you turn right, you’ll see a small log cabin on the corner; this is a small, family run shop called Fruit From Wood and Sand. Their products include local produce, baked goods, jams, relishes, spices, artwork, pottery and other hand crafted items; stop in and see what they will have today!

Turn right onto Charlotteville Road 8 and then take your next left onto Yuell Road. This back road has some rolling hills and lots of gorgeous farmland and forest scenery to take in. After about 5km, you will come to a bend in the road. The road will bend to the east and Fertilizer Road continues north towards Delhi. Turn left onto Fertilizer Road to continue north and use caution as you cross Highway 3.

Take Fertilizer Road up to Wilson Street/Windham Road 13 and turn left to go back into Delhi. When you hit Highway 3/James Street, turn left. Then take your first right onto Dalton Road. Take your second right onto Croton Ave and then turn right onto Main Street to go back to downtown Delhi and your vehicle.

Distance: 100 km

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