Haldimand / Norfolk / Elgin
Carolinian Cycling Tour

This trip can start and end in either Delhi or Port Rowan; there are plenty of areas to park in both towns. As well Port Rowan is in the midst of a big waterfront regeneration project, set to be completed spring 2013.

If you start in Delhi, Port Rowan is a great halfway point to stop for a break and a great view. In Delhi, you can park your car near the Belgian Hall and start by heading west on William Street.

Take a right onto Main Street and then your next left onto Western Ave. Follow Western Ave until you hit Talbot Road/Highway 3 and turn left. Take the next right onto Highway 59 and the next right onto Hawrtrey Road to avoid heavy highway traffic. Follow Hawrtrey Road to Windham Road 20 and turn left; continue on Concession Road 1. Turn left onto Research Station Road/Schaeffer Side Road.

Schaeffer Side Road will continue and turn into Concession Road 2. Take a left at Rhineland Road and a right onto Townline Road. Turn left onto East Quarter Line and follow it for about 13km. This stretch is fairly flat, and lined with woodlots and farms.

When you hit Lakeshore Road/County Road 42, turn right and follow this into Port Rowan. Before you get to Port Rowan, you’ll ride past Backus Heritage Conservation Area; this is an interesting Conservation Area as it has an old grist mill from 1798 still located on its property of over 1,200 acres of forested and park land.  Be careful on this road, as it is fairly travelled.

Once in Port Rowan, there are many places to stop for a snack or a break. Make sure you check out the waterfront regeneration area before you head east out of town. Turn left onto Front Road and follow the gorgeous lake view along the shoreline on rolling hills. In St. Williams, when you come to a stop sign, turn left and take your first right to continue to follow Front Road. Do the same thing in Booth’s Harbour.

After you go through Booth’s Harbour, you’ll come up to a great lookout point at the top of a hill that overlooks the marsh. Turn left onto Charlotteville West Quarter line and follow this road for about 8km until you hit Charlotteville Road 8; turn right. Turn left onto Yuell Road, and continue back toward Delhi as Yuell Road turns into Fertilizer Road.

Turn left onto Wilson Ave/Windham Road 13 to go back into Delhi. When you hit James Street, go left and then take your first right onto Dalton Ave. Turn right onto Croton Ave and follow it to Main Street where you’ll turn right again. Main Street will curve around to the left and bring you back to Wilson Street where you started. 

Distance: 100 km

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