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Heart of Windham Tour

This trip starts and ends in the town of Delhi. There is parking available at the Delhi Belgian Hall. Alternate start/end points include Windham Centre, where there is parking at Win-Del Park, or in Lynnville where you can park on the side of the road.

Start by heading west on Pine Street, turn right onto Queen Street and then right onto Church Street. Church Street will turn into Windham Road 12 as you head out of town. Delhi is at the heart of old tobacco country, so expect to see many old kilns and tobacco infrastructure lining the roads and around old farmhouses.

Follow Windham Road 12 out of town for 7km until you hit Nixon Road. Turn left onto Nixon Road and right through Rattlesnake Harbour (not named for its abundance of Rattlesnakes! Don’t worry!) Continue on Nixon Road where you will ride by ginseng fields and other scenic farmland and forested areas.

Turn right onto Windham Centre Road, and then take a quick left onto Teeterville Road. About half a kilometer up the road, turn right onto Windham Road 7, and after another kilometer turn right again onto Windham East Quarter Line. Enjoy this scenic stretch of road for about 8km and cruise through the small village of Lynnville.

Turn right onto Windham Road 13. Glide past forests and fields on this gorgeous back country road and meet little traffic most times of the day. When you hit Windham West Quarter Line, turn left and then take a quick right back onto Windham Road 13 and continue back into Delhi.

Turn left onto James Street and then a quick right onto Dalton Road. Turn right onto Croton Ave, and then right again onto Main Street. Main Street will then curve to the left. When you hit William Street, turn right, and take a final right onto Pine Street to return to your vehicle.

Distance: 40 km

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