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Port Town Cycling Tour

This tour starts and ends in the town of Port Dover. There are many places to park in Port Dover and there is also an abundance of shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries, museums and theatres to check out.

Alternatively you could start in the town of Simcoe and Port Dover could be your half-way point where you can take a break and do a bit of exploring.

Start by heading north on Main Street out of Port Dover until you come to Nelson Street, where you will turn left and head west out of town. Nelson Street will turn into Radical Road. Radical Road is fairly busy so be cautious, though the speed limit is 70km/hr. It is a nice cruising road with few hills. Turn left onto Port Ryerse Road to head into the small village of Port Ryerse; when you come to a stop sign, turn left onto Simcoe Street/King Street/Road 57 and follow Road 57 to Front Road, which you will turn right onto. The streets here are lined with gorgeous old houses so take some time and look around.

Follow Front Road to Fisher’s Glen; this section of the tour has many rolling hills and curves to be prepared for a challenging ride! When you come to a stop sign just outside of Fisher’s Glen, turn left onto Fisher’s Glen Road and follow the bend in the road back around to Front Road. Continue on Front Road until you come to Spooky Hollow Road where you will turn right to head away from the water.

Spooky Hollow Road is named for the trees which grow very close to the road on both sides of the road. When you come to a stop sign, turn right onto Concession Road 2/Charlotteville East Quarter Line Road. Be prepared for a large hill on this road! When you hit Highway 24, turn right and be cautious as this is a busy, well-travelled highway. Turn left at the next road, County Road 58/Fisher’s Glen Road to head into the small village of Vittoria. Here you will find the famous bakery, The Good Bread Company (they routinely sell out of bread almost daily). At the end of County Road 58, turn left onto Charlotteville Road 4 and then take your next right back onto Charlotteville East Quarter Line.

Take this road for about 5km until you come to Charlotteville Road 8 where you will turn right to head to Simcoe. When you come to the next stop sign at Hillcrest Road, turn left and then take a quick right onto Evergreen Hill Road, when you get into Simcoe, there will be some beautiful old houses on your right, and just past the next stop sign at Queen Street, you will pass Jensen’s Cheese Shop (make sure to stop in if you are a big cheese fan!).

Turn right at the stoplights onto Norfolk Street South/Highway 24, and then at the next stop lights turn left onto Decou Road. On Decou Road, you will pass by an entrance to the Lynn Valley Trail, which is a rail trail that connects downtown Simcoe and Port Dover. Turn right onto Ireland Road and then turn right again onto Lynn Valley Road. Take this nice quiet back road for about 7km until you come to Marburg Road.

This hilly back road takes you over an old bridge that is no longer open for use to vehicles, just bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Enjoy this less travelled back road! When it ends at Concession 2 Woodhouse, turn left and then turn right onto East Quarter Line to head back toward the water. When you hit New Lake Shore Road turn right and enjoy the view of the lake on your way back into Port Dover.

When the road ends at John Street, turn right and then take your next left onto Highway 6 which will take you back to Main Street and your vehicle! Don’t forget to explore all this town has to offer!

Distance: 55 km

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