Haldimand / Norfolk / Elgin
Turbine Cycling Tour

This tour starts and ends in the town of Port Rowan. There are many places to park in Port Rowan and there is also an abundance of shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. Alternatively, you could start in the small village of Frogmore.

To begin this tour, head north on Bay Street out of Port Rowan. This road is fairly busy, with a narrow shoulder, use caution and be aware of the traffic around you. Once out of town, the road will curve to the right around the Backus Heritage Conservation Area. This is an interesting Conservation Area as it has an old grist mill from 1798 still located on its property of over 1,200 acres of forested and park land. The next road you come to will be East Quarter Line; turn left onto this road.

Follow the East Quarter Line for about 8km until you come to Norfolk County Road 45. Turn left onto this road and go through the stop sign at Highway 59. Once you cross Highway 59, you’ll see Deer Creek Conservation Area on your right and left; this Conservation Area provides camping, canoeing, swimming, picnicking and fishing. Continuing on Norfolk County Road 45, you’ll pass numerous farms and forests on a relatively easy terrain with rolling hills.

Cross over the Houghton-Walsingham Townline Road and Norfolk Road 45 will turn into King Lake Road as it curves slightly to the right into the town of Frogmore. Continue through Frogmore on King Lake Road as it curves back to the left until it hits County Road 55 at the Norfolk-Elgin County line. Turn left onto County Road 55.

Follow this short stretch of road to Beach Lane where you will turn left; follow Beach Lane for a short stretch until you hit North Road where you will turn right. The first half of this section of road is surrounded by forests, while the second half is mostly picturesque farmland.

Turn left onto Lower Sideroad and follow it for about 3km; here you will start to see the larger than life wind turbines that now mark the horizon along the coast in this area. When you hit Norfolk County Road 28, turn right and then turn left onto Lakeshore Road. On Lakeshore Road you’ll have a view of both farmland and Lake Erie, and you’ll continue to see wind turbines in almost all directions for another 5km.

Along this road you will pass Sandhill Park, which is famous for its sand dunes and unique landscape in southern Ontario. There is also interpretive signage regarding the wind power project along the coast. Just past Sandhill Park on the right hand side of the road, there is an elk farm. This is a private farm but you can view the elk from the road on your bicycle as you ride past.

Continue to follow the coastline on Lakeshore Road and it will begin to curve to the northeast as it take you back into Port Rowan. Just before you go through the small village of Port Royal, you will go past a wetland area which is part of Big Creek. This river connects to Lake Erie in the marsh area near the beginning of the Long Point Causeway. After you cross Highway 59, Lakeshore Road turns into Front Road and takes you right back into Port Rowan.

Distance: 75 km

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